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My name is Janette van der Vyver. I live in South Africa. All the games on this website were developed / programmed by me, with a little help from other people - mostly those people who volunteer to help in forums or write tutorials.

If you encounter any problems with the games or would like to give me feedback feel free to use the form below.

Over the years I’ve used GameMaker, Clickteam Fusion Developer 2.5 and Unity.  (The browse games on this site were written in Clickteam Fusion.)

The browser games are free to play as often as you like - no catch.
  • This site does not track you or use cookies.
  • Some browsers will track you and create cookies to show you visited this site.  It’s a setting on your browser - you can turn it off.

Privacy Policy
  • If you contact me then I will keep your contact details only long enough to reply to you, if necessary, else it will be deleted.
  • The browser games are free. Some of them showcase my other games (non-violent, family-friendly) and that's the only advertising there is.

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