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Looking for a unique marketing opportunity?

Are you struggling to reach your target audience? Have you tried content marketing but found people don’t read your content?

If your target audience consists of consumers, I have a unique marketing opportunity for you: browser games.

Browser games don’t require users to install the games, they’re ready-to-play in only a few seconds. That makes them more accessible and opportunistic – if the game looks like fun, and it’s in front of them, consumers might play it.

How will a browser game help your business?

A well-made browser games lets you put your brand in front of users for several minutes. The whole time they’re playing the game, they are interacting with your brand.

You can also put special offers and discount codes inside the game to entice people to play. The longer they play, the more customers are exposed to your brand.

Do you have important information your customers need to know? Instead of giving them a long list of facts, present the information in a browser game. For example, if your customers find and tap a certain word ten times, a secret discount code will be revealed – or a link to a fun game.

Videos rule

TikTok, YouTube and Reels (Facebook and Instagram) have one thing in common: they require videos. And to stand out your video needs to be cute or interesting.

When you have a browser game, you can record someone playing the game. Then you’ll have a video that is fun, interesting and promotes your business.

Why choose Evolutionary Casual Games?

For the browser game to be successful it must be fun, promote your brand and be easy to play.

With my background I have a unique skillset: I ran a business for several years offering accounting, bookkeeping and HR support to small business owners. I understand the business world.

As a copywriter who has written brochures, social media content, website text and training manuals, I understand marketing.

My passion is computer games, and specifically casual games. I have extensive experience in developing games as you can see here.

Because game-development software has evolved, writing a game is not as time-consuming as you’d expect. It’s also not as expensive as you’d expect. (Prices start from R7 500, (about US$ 400) for a basic game.)

Read the FAQ or contact me for more information.

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