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Can you fill the toys perfectly?

Game development and programming:  

Created and programmed by Janette.


The characters used in this game are rendered images, which I rendered in Poser.

The original 3D figure that were used to create the renders are commercially available and created by the following people, who retain the copyright in the original 3D creation:

Toon Panda, Tiger and Wolf (levels 1 - 10) by Regina LaGrone Lady Littlefox Designs

Mo (levels 11 - 20) by Nursoda and EyesBlueDesign  

The Gobbles (levels 21 - 30) by Joshua (Shwaum) Girouard and Mark (tate) Holmes

Monsters in my cupboard (levels 31 - 40) by 3D Universe

Pocket Pets (levels 41 - 50) by 3D Universe

Some of the textures applied to the characters (colours and patterns of the characters’ skins) were purchased separately from separate vendors.


Track: Positive Change by Mikael Manvelyan

Track: Espresso by Mikael Manvelyan


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Sound and Music

Sound and Music can be turned on or off individually from the settings menu.

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