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Game development and programming:  

Created and programmed by Janette with a lot of help from the Clickteam Fusion community!

The Backgrounds were created using resources from the following people:

The Characters are 3D rendered images and were rendered by using the following:

The animals featured at the end of each level are from the ANIMALIS packages created By Ilona and Leda Vozari


The music is a combination of royalty-free and purchased musical tracks that were mixed and matched to create the background music.

Smaller resources from other vendors may also have been used.


Background Box

Place the Danyiri on the right markers so that they can intercept the boxed pets and avoid the monsters (The Squiggles).


Background Box
Background Box

Sound and Music

Sound and Music can be turned on or off individually from the settings menu.



Can you save the pets?

Background Box


Windows PC Indicator